Loving my Beloved Stranger

God's Grace and Mom's Alzheimer's

Today I’m learning about loving strangers. It started out as a typical day with my parents. I gave mom a bath. She howled and cried. I got her dressed and she said the process was stupid and that she hated it.  I read the mail to my dad (he’s legally blind), scheduled a doctor’s appointment for mom, ordered some vitamins for dad, cleaned out the cupboard under the bathroom sinks when I found a leak, and then did some more cleaning and vacuuming.

As I was going out the door Dad thanked me sincerely and Mom cheerfully asked, “Are you Eva Miller?”  (Eva was her maid-of-honor almost sixty years ago.)

“No, Mom, I’m not Eva.”

“Oh, you’re not Eva?”

This got me thinking what a labor of love Alzheimer’s is. I’m not saying this for myself; I have it so easy compared to most.  My dad is the primary care…

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