Soul Level Love…When Words Fail

I’m visiting Mama and I say to her, “I love you.”

And she looks at me with a serious expression and asks, “How can I tell it?”

“Because I’m here, Mama.  I’m here visiting you.” Mama still looks at me, questioning. Unresolved.

How do I help someone who has so little clarity know how loved she is? Can she still understand love? And I think, maybe mentally she can’t.

But maybe the spirit of a person can feel and know things that the mind can’t comprehend.

Babies die in orphanages, when their physical needs are met, just because they aren’t held enough. There is a lack of love and affection, and their spirits know it and often they fail to thrive and die.

And I’m guessing that the spirits of those with dementia can also know if they are loved and wanted. And I want to learn to communicate on a soul level with Mama. So that even if she loses all language abilities she will still be comforted by the presence of love.

But how? And I think about this and I wonder if it’s a lot like showing love to a baby that has no language. Maybe it means lavishing as much physical affection as Mama seems willing to accept. Maybe it’s sharing food with her and singing to her. Maybe it’s praying over her and reading to her. And talking to her and showing her things that might be interesting to her.

I’m sure it’s being aware of her needs… Comforting her when she’s fearful. Gently cleaning her when she’s messy. Wrapping her in a soft blanket when she’s cold. Staying close and watchful always. It means trying to cure anything that hurts her. And taking delight in anything that gives her joy.

Because souls can understand things, even when brains fail and words fall short. And I pray that God will show me how to express love to Mama’s spirit so that she will always know how treasured she is. And how very much I love her.